Thursday, February 21, 2013

I dont know what my devotional means. I can not decipher when it says to be a light in a world. Like I can not make it a living meaning.
I try to have a relationship with my brothers.
I try to communicate with my woman.
I feel shut out at times, and by times I feel its more than it should be. Shut out. But I am not prying, which I am told, I just want a means of communication. At times it feels completely absent. Maybe I'm fahked then. Maybe I need to regroup and surround with more like minded, who dont think communication is prying or completely undoable. 
Jesus tells me to love, to forgive, but how do I protect my heart. All the love and forgiveness leads to being vunerable and crushed. And I feel its not good to continue to let someone continually crush you. But I am just told to love and forgive, so I do.And feel like with nothing to protect and a continual gush of love is bound to allow people to see the vunerability in you and use it up, all your love.

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  1. People who love you will take and take and take from you until you are all used up. They don't take because they are out to destroy you. They take because they value you and what you have to offer. It is up to you to set the limits of how much you are willing to let others take from you. Setting up those boundaries seems like a separation or limit on a relationship, but in reality boundaries set up a trusting and healthy relationship that will thrive in the safety and honesty that boundaries create.

    As for communication, it really only counts as communication if both parties understand the message. How is your message getting off course? Figure that out and perhaps you can craft a more effective way of communicating with those who are not as open as you.